License Reinstatement

From the AR AID...
What are the fines if the Continuing Education is filed after the due date/license not renewed by expiration date?

The fines are based on the number of days after the expiration date the requirements are filed.
1 to 30 days---license will not renew and will be inactive---$25.00
31 to 60 days---license inactive and $50.00 fine
61-90 days---license inactive and $100.00 fine
91 days to 365 days---license inactive and $150.00 fine
After 365 days---the license is terminated and the individual must start over as if they were never licensed---pre-license education and license exams.

If the license is inactive due to non-compliance to continuing education, the licensee cannot write business until the requirements are filed and the license is reactivated.
Go to to reinstate your license. Don't click "renew an existing license", click "apply for a new license".
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