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Frequently Asked Questions


If you have not done so already, you can Pay for your credits here...

Are you an authorized CE provider in AR?
Yes! My provider number is #4577. See my certification here.
Is online CE legal?
You bet! Has been for several years. It's available to all AR agents for all your credits.
Do you offer any classroom courses?
Not anymore. See next question for explanation...
Classroom courses have become very expensive? Why is this?
Due to the huge popularity of online CE, paired with agent license renewal being spread out over 24 months, it has become impossible to get enough people together to make a classroom course feasible from a cost standpoint. Some providers still try to make it work, but from what I'm seeing, at $250+ per 24 credits, classroom is no longer an option for the prudent agent.
My license renewal is coming fast. Can I finish in time?
Some students are able to review the course material and take the test very quickly. Even with just a few days left before your deadline, I can get you in compliance. Call me if you have specific questions about your situation.
My license has lapsed and I'd like to get it back. Is there hope?
Yes! To find out more about license reinstatement, go to to see the costs involved. The form to reinstate is here:
How do I contact you?
Contact info is here. Email works best. I return email and phone messages usually within 1-3 hours.
How does the 3-credit ethics requirement work? Do I need 24 or 27 total credits?
The AR requirement is 24 TOTAL hours. A minimum of 3 of those total hours must be in classes approved as "ethics". You can take all 24 hours of your classes in ethics. In the end the total must be 24; and of the 24, at least 3 must be ethics.
How much does this cost?
Access CE is only 49.99. As you can see, it's a lot more affordable than classroom offerings, and you can do the work on your time!
Is my agency eligible for a discount?
In some cases, yes. Call me for more info at (608) 219-4985
I only need 4 credits, but I paid for 24. What happens to the rest of the credits I paid for?
Any left over credits paid for but not used can be used in the future. My system keeps track of the credits you use, and the credits you have left for future classes.
Do I have to pick my classes when I enroll?
No. You are simply signing up for credits. You choose what classes to work on. I'll keep track of the credits.
Do I have to take classes that apply just to the license(s) I have? For instance, I have a health license; can I take (and get credit for) classes that apply to life or P&C?
You can take any CE class you wish. There is no limitation on subject or line of business. CE is CE!
Can I pay by check?
Yes. Click here for details.
How long do I have to complete the classes from when I sign up?
Once you enroll, your fee is good until you feel like doing the classes. My system does not put an expiration date on your enrollment.
Can I print the course material and read it offline?
Yes. All class material is in the ".pdf" format. These files are accessed with the popular "Adobe Acrobat Reader" software. It is installed in almost all computers, and is the standard format throughout the world for documents.
I can't open the files with the class material. What am I doing wrong?
Class material files are in the popular "Adobe Acrobat Reader" or ".pdf format. Most computers are already loaded with the software to view these files. You can download the software for free from Adobe here.
I have taken classes with names similar to yours before. Will I be repeating classes?
Each CE provider's courses are unique to that provider. Classes taken with one provider are not duplicates of similarly-titled classes taken with another.
Can my boss, spouse, or employee be my proctor?
No. Friends, co-workers, neighbors, or fellow agents are fine, however.
Must my proctor be a licensed agent?
What if I fail the test? Is there a waiting period before I can take it again?
While there are very few test failures, if you do fail, you can retake the test as many times as needed, at no additional cost. There is no waiting period. You can retake it right away!
Do I have to do anything after I receive notice that I passed my test, such as send that information to the state?
No. Once you have your diploma, I will upload the credits to the state. Please confirm your credits at:
Do you have any deals for repeat students?
Yes! You'll see regular emails from me with discounts.
When can I start my next 24 credits?
You may take tests for your next 24 credits as soon as the first day of the month after your license renews. For example, if your license expiration date is July 31st, you could start taking classed for your next 2-year period on August 1st.
Can I retake with the same classes I took this year for my next 24 credits?
Rules do not allow for repeating the same class from the same provider within 2 years of the last time you took the class. But after that, yes.
When do you send credits to the state?
Credits are uploaded to the state after receipt of the proctor form by mail. Upload dates each month are approximately: the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and last day of the month.
How do I know that my credits are banked with the state?
Confirm your credits at:

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