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Arkansas CE Rules  

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         When is my continuing education due?

Continuing education is due every 2 years on or before the renewal date of the license. There is no grace period. If the hours are not filed with the Department on or before the renewal date, then the license is subject to late filing fines and the license will not renew until the requirements are met.

Important Changes January 1, 2011---the renewal period will be phased into a two (2) year license renewal period starting with those individuals who were born in odd years and individuals born in odd years will have their license renewed until 2013. The Individuals born in even years will renew for 1 year and then will renew their license in 2012 for 2 years. New License Producers will be licensed for two (2) years.

         How many hours of continuing education are due?

2013      Producers born in odd year and all producers licensed in 2011:

         All producers born in an odd year will owe 24 hours of continuing education with 3 of the 24 hours in ethics 

         All producers licensed in 2011 will owe 24 hours of continuing education with 3 of the 24 hours being ethics

2014      Producers born in even year and all producers licensed in 2012:

         All producers born in an even year will owe 24 hours of continuing education with 3 of the 24 hours in ethics

         All producers licensed in 2012 will owe 24 hours of continuing education with 3 of the 24 hours being ethics


         What courses can I take to meet my continuing education requirements?

The licensee must take a course approved by the Arkansas Insurance Department by a continuing education provider that has been approved by the Arkansas Insurance Department. Courses that have been approved in other states but not approved in Arkansas will not suffice. If the course is not approved or the provider is not approved, then the continuing education hours will not count towards the continuing education hours.  Ask the provider if it is an approved provider and if the particular course is approved for Arkansas before you purchase the course. Producers must take courses approved for producers and cannot take courses approved for title agents and adjusters. Title agents must take the courses approved for title agents and cannot take courses approved for producers or for adjusters. Adjusters must take courses approved for adjusters and they cannot take courses approved for producers or title agents.


         Can I get an extension on my continuing education?

If you have been unable to complete continuing education because of ill health, medical disability or family illness, you may request an extension for the due day of the continuing education. You need to document the request with medical statements from the doctor or hospital. Since the producer has 1 year to meet the requirements, the medical condition has to be long standing in order to meet the extension requirements. 


         How do I locate a proctor for my correspondence exam?

All correspondence courses must have a sealed written exam and the completion of the exam must be monitored by a proctor. Proctors must provide an affidavit on Appendix G which must be completed and returned to the continuing education provider prior to the provider reporting the completed hours to the Department.   Proctors must be a disinterested third party and shall not serve for examinations of family members or relatives or dependents; employers or supervisors; employees or subordinates; partners or joint ventures or co-owners; current or former teachers or pupils; neighbors or personal friends or significant others; or for anyone with whom the proctor has an economic or other interest in assuring the successful outcome of the examination.


   Can I take the same course over for continuing education credit?

A course cannot be repeated within 2 years---this includes ethics courses. The purpose of continuing education is to educate the producer; taking the same course over does not meet this standard. If a licensee repeats a course within the 2 years then the course will not count for continuing education. The 2 year period is calculated from the completion date.    


   How many hours can I carry over from one year to the next?

A producer, title agent or adjuster can carry over the number of hours needed for the next requirement year; any hours above the hours needed for the next requirement year will be lost.  


   I have completed my hours, what do I do now?

The continuing education provider is required to file the continuing education completion with the Department on an Appendix H and the producer keeps the appendix E’s for the producer’s records. The licensee now pays the $10.00 filing fee with the license renewal fee. Since the continuing education provider has 10 days to report this completing to the Department, the licensee cannot wait to the last minute to complete continuing education or the continuing education will not be received in time to allow the licensee’s license renewal.


   What are the requirements for ethics education?

The producer will then be required to complete 3 hours every 2 years.  Adjusters must complete 3 hours of ethics education starting in 2012. Title agents must complete 1 hour of ethic education annually. The ethics education requirement is not in addition to your regular continuing education requirements. Ethics course cannot be carried over from renewal period to the next renewal period.  If you are exempt from completing continuing education, then you are exempt from the ethics education.


   What are the fines if the Continuing Education is filed after the due date?

The fines are based on the number of days after the expiration date the requirements are filed.

1 to 30 days---license will not renew and will be inactive---$25.00 

31 to 60 days---license inactive and $50.00 fine

61-90 days---license inactive and $100.00 fine

91 days to 365 days---license inactive and $150.00 fine

After 365 days---the license is terminated and the individual must start over as if they were never licensed---pre-license education and license exams.  

If the license is inactive due to non-compliance to continuing education, the licensee cannot write business until the requirements are filed and the license is reactivated 


   What if the licensee fails to return the Appendix G to the continuing education provider?

The licensee will not get credit for a course until the Appendix G is received by the provider.



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