Proctors and "Appendix G" Affidavits

"Appendix G" Affidavit If you had a problem accessing the electronic affidavit after you passed your test, the affidavit form can be accessed at this link.

Please note, your test must be "proctored" (supervised) by a disinterested third party. This person does NOT have to be a licensed agent. Their role is to certify that you did not receive any help while taking the exam. After you take the test and hit the "Submit" button, a page will come up with a link to the affidavit (if you passed). This is a legal requirement in Arkansas and no exceptions are allowed (in other words, it's not my rule, it's the law). The official word from the Arkansas DOI website is below. The entire rules can be viewed below.
"Proctors must be a disinterested third party and shall not serve for examinations of family members or relatives or dependents; employers or supervisors; employees or subordinates; partners or joint ventures or co-owners; current or former teachers or pupils; neighbors or personal friends or significant others; or for anyone with whom the proctor has an economic or other interest in assuring the successful outcome of the examination."
The affidavit must be filled out by you and your proctor, and immediately submitted electronically. Please note that the electronic initial and signatures that you enter on this form are LEGAL signatures and must be entered by you and your proctor. No paper affidavit is required. I cannot release credits without this form filled out in its entirety. Questions? Call me, Bill Murray 608-219-4985.

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